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St. Mary's Church


Corscombe, Dorchester DT2 0NU, UK



Corscombe parish (about 450 people) consists of the village of Corscombe and two hamlets, Weston and Benville. Corscombe is mentioned in the Doomsday book. There are still farms in Corscombe, but the population of Corscombe is nowadays mostly elderly or retired.

There are families with children, around 20 of school age at present. There is an excellent community spirit. The importance of the church in village life is recognised. There is a welcoming pub, a village hall with a wide range of social activities and a children’s playground. A preschool group of around 8 to 12 children meets most days in term time. There is a very well attended village fete, Corscombe Fest, in the summer. There is also a book club, walking group, a cricket club, line dancing and a keep fit group.

St Mary’s Church has had a named clergyman for 700 years and plays a key part in the local community. There is a pattern of Common Worship services sprinkled with special services throughout the year, both in the church and at other venues. These aim to use special times of the year to make the Christian faith accessible and engaging. One focus at the moment is refurbishing the church to make it "fit for purpose" for community use as well as worship.

St. Mary’s Church has had leaking Rainwater Goods, leading to damage to the plaster and woodwork. As a result of wonderful support from the Listed Places of Worship (LPOW) Roof Repair Fund, local donations and fundraising, we have been able to repair or replace the Rainwater Goods. We are enormously grateful, especially to LPOW, for their role in restoring our church.


Mr K Braithwaite

01935 891133

Mr P Randell

01935 891741

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