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Melbury Team Reverends

Meet the Team 


Team Rector

Tim Greenslade

Tim and Lucy moved to Maiden Newton in September 2016 after 17 years of ministry at St John’s Church, Weymouth. Much of our time was spent at St John’s but we were heavily involved with the life of the wider team of Radipole and Melcombe Regis. We also worked with colleagues across the denominations in Weymouth and Portland. Lucy teaches at Weymouth College, and we have three daughters in their twenties. We long for God’s people to grow in their love for and faith in the Lord Jesus and we seek to make the living Lord Jesus known to those who are uncertain who he is.


Team Vicar

Daniel Ingles

Following a variety of experiences, Daniel joined the team in October 2017 moving with his wife Jenna from the neighbouring Beaminster benefice where Daniel served his curacy. Daniel studied at Ridley College Cambridge, and has experience of different traditions, and is particularly interested in new monasticism and how ancient wisdom can help us in contemporary life, and rediscovering our place in creations beauty.

“I would like for people to encounter God through Jesus for themselves and explore questions of faith and life that we wrestle with together. “

Happy to talk he likes reading, cider and rides a triumph, though not at the same time!


Associate Priest

Linda Wilcock

Reverend Linda Wilcock was licenced as an Associate Priest to the Melbury Team in 2012, having served for many years as a Licenced Lay Minister and Curate. Linda said, “It a real privilege to be able to bring God’s word to our rural community. One of the joys is meeting so many people in the different parts of the Benefice and really getting to know them. I enjoy being a small part of people’s lives at the beginning, through thanksgiving, baptism, and a variety of services including marriage, and at the end, through funerals.


Licenced lay Minister

Paul Rendell

Paul Rendell has been a Reader/Licenced Lay Minister since 1993. He has lived, with his family, in the Melbury Benefice for 28 years, and works full time as a lawyer. Linda Wilcock and Paul are the longest serving staff members and have seen many changes. He is committed to sharing God’s Word by supporting and leading services within the team, and involvement in community activities. He enjoys exploring new ways of “doing church”.


Lay Pastoral Assistants

Mr and Mrs A Tomkins: 01935 891 083

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Liz Rendell:  01935 891 741

Messy Church

Tim Greenslade: 01300 748 675

Church Wardens

Cattistock, SS Peter and Paul

Mr Charles Bladon: 01300 321 200

Mrs C Evans: 01300 320 703 

Mrs S Orr: 01300 321 087

Chilfrome, Holy Trinity

Corscombe, St. Mary                     

Mr K. Braithwaite: 01935 891 133

Mr P. Rendell: 01935 891 741

East Chelborough, St. James              

Mrs A Knox: 01935 891 267

Mrs J.Davy:01935 835 28

Evershot, St. Osmund

Mrs P Campbell: 01935 83366

Frome St. Quintin, St. Mary               

Mr C Richardson: 01935 832 93

Mrs S Stovin 01935 833 92

Frome Vauchurch, St. Francis      

To be confirmed 

Halstock, St. Juthware and St. Mary

Maiden Newton St. Mary

Mr P Wilcock: 

Mrs L Greenslade: Email:

Melbury Bubb, The Virgin Mary                    

Mrs Anna Klnaird: 01935 872 297

Mrs S-J Chapman: 01935 832 85

Melbury Osmond, St. Osmund


Rampisham, St. Michael and Angels 

Mr T Wright: 01935 836 52

Mr R Boileau 01935 831 53


West Chelbrough, St. Andrew

John White Hamilton 01935 835 51

Sue Soame 01935 831 69   


Wraxall, St. Mary                               

Mr Edward Lewis

Churches with Occasional Services - Chapel Keepers                                    

Melbury Sampford, St. Mary, Private Chapel   

The Hon. Mrs. C. Townshend: 01935 483 523

Stockwood, St. Edwold, Church in care of CCT                               

ENQ: Mrs. Janet Danks: 01935 837 57


Toller Fratrum, St. Basil, Private Chapel.                    

Ch-keeper: Mr R Simpson: 01300 320 154

Toller Whelme, St. John, Chapel of Ease         



West Compton, St. Michael, Private Chapel                                                        

Ch-Keeper: Mr A Stewart: 01300 320 400

Wynford Eagle, St. Lawrence, Private Chapel                                                         

Ch-Keeper: Lord Wynford: 01300 320 763


Melbury Team Council

Chairman Rev Tim Greenslade: 01300 748 675

The Vicarage, Maiden Newton, Nr. Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 OAT



Mr Paul Wilcock: 01300 321 112

4 Beech Tree Close, Cattistock, Nr. Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0JN

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