Team Ministry in West Dorset

Team Vicar - Rev Daniel Ingles


Following a variety of experiences, Daniel joined the team in October 2017 moving with his wife Jenna from the neighbouring Beaminster benefice where Daniel served his curacy.

Daniel studied at Ridley College Cambridge, and has experience of different traditions and working with different denominations, and is particularly interested in the Celtic history of the Church and new monasticism and how ancient wisdom can help us in contemporary life, and help us discover greater peace in our lives in God.

He enjoys being outside and feels its important to explore our place in creations beauty, especially in this time when we are rediscovering our connection to all living things and the need to live better alongside them.

Daniel has always been interested in the puzzling parts of faith and feels fortunate to have met Jesus at a young age, and journeyed with Him as a disciple thorugh both good and difficult life experiences.

 “I would like for people to encounter God through Jesus for themselves and explore questions of faith and life that we wrestle with together. I am always happy to take the time to enable people to learn more about the Christian faith, and Jesus teachings, and to discover together what the Bible actually says and what the Christian faith truly is rather than what many people think of it or may have experienced. " 

Amongst other things he likes reading, cider and rides a triumph, tho not at the same time!